Our mission = less emissions

Team Great Britain is planning to smash the Blue Riband Atlantic Record for powered vessels. Our objective is to start in New York and pass by the Bishop Rock Lighthouse (UK) in less than 58 hours but…

TGB 34

…But using only 1/10th of the fuel?

Can we really break the Blue Riband Atlantic Record using 10% of the fuel used by Destriero in 1992?

You better bet your bottom dollar we can!

How? Because we use aerospace technology where others use gas guzzling trial and error. Our vision is to take the stink out of stink boats!


“Our mission = less emissions”

Introducing the Team Great Britain Blue Riband Atlantic Challenge – SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION


Less power for more speed

How about we break the Atlantic record using only 10% of the fuel used by the current record holder. Wouldn’t that be cool?


Let’s combat climate change by leading a whole industry!

Cos that’s what this is all about. Taking the stink out of stink boats!



Average Speed (MPH)


Introducing the Team taking on the World’s toughest maritime challenge

OK! So 3106 miles in 48 hours doesn’t sound so tough eh? Trust me, the technical design challenges are extreme before we can even contemplate the crossing from New York to UK!

The Crew


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Progress is…

Technology is…

Twin fluid cfd in action

Winning is…

The Hales Trohy

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Education is…

Friends are…

Let's make friends, build a community and make it happen.

 So it won’t be all plain sailing. But we are on a mission to prove that ‘designed in’ efficiency will help us break the Blue Riband record and establish TGB34 as a global ambassador for British marine engineering.

“Fair winds and following seas”

“The North Atlantic waves for a good part of our journey will run with us, but at 70 knots top speed it will be interesting to say the least!”
Richard George

“Bergey bits”

“It’s not the icebergs we need to worry about it’s the bergey bits!”

Dag Pike

“Let’s change the World”

“We really can influence the World here guys so can we please get on with it!”
Andrew S.N Lea

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